Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream is discontinued but we found a replacement for it. Elkos Melkfett Cream is a replacement for Ombra Melkfett Cream.

The amazing benefits of Ombra’s Melkfett Cream comes from its pure high quality calendula extract & Vitamin E. Ombra has a unique formula that creates a protective barrier locking in moisture and preventing dryness of the skin. Your face, hands, feet and body will benefit from the optimum levels of herbal extracts that work wonderfully for everyday use, massage and to treat any severe areas of dryness.

Melkfett cream brings back elasticity and moisture to your skin, often lost during the dry seasons or cold windy temperatures. Ombra’s wonderfully thick creamy formula glides on with the non-greasy texture of vasoline and goes to work immediately absorbing deeply into your skin.


Just a small amount of this pleasantly scented Melkfett balm provides maximum protection and resilience from the cold dry elements. Use Melkett’s cream for foot massage, or to treat cracked dry heels. Use for back massage or apply on your legs after shaving for soothing relief.

Calendula and Vitamin E are wonderful for nourishing the body and softening the skin. Calendula as found in Melkfett’s creamy balm boosts the flow of blood to the affected part of the body. This stimulates the creation of collagen proteins which aid in the healing process. Safe to use for the whole family, great for treating skin irritations or inflammations, nursing mothers or baby’s rash.

Optimum levels of herbal extracts and trace minerals are utilized in the manufacturing process with strict adherence to quality standards. No animal testing is done, packaging is environmentally friendly.

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Calendula extract is often used for treating dry or damaged skin. Ombras Melkfett Cream has natural restorative properties that infuse your skin with a youthful glow. Calendula oil is used to protect the skin from premature aging, rash, dry skin irritations and for the elderly with thinning skin texture. Ombra’s Melkfett Balm is dermatologist tested. Not only in this a beauty & wellness cream, but Ombra’s products have numerous therapeutic skincare properties.

• Contains pure high quality Calendula extract & Vitamin E
• Apply cream for daily use on hands and face, massage and foot care
• Excellent balm for locking in moisture and hydrating dry skin
• Excellent and safe to use for baby’s rash or soothing skin irritations
• Optimum levels of herbal extracts are utilized (no animal testing)
• Calendula or Marigold is part of the daisy family of plants
• Popular benefit of Calendula is its use as a strong antiseptic & healing salve
• Calendula stimulates the creation of collagen proteins which aid in the healing process
• Vitamin E helps slow down the aging process and aids in healing dry skin
• Made of high quality ingredients and safe for the whole family to use
• 250ml jar – Round jar contains generous amount of soothing properties for your skin
• Product of Germany
Item 5522 – The Oakville Store

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21 thoughts on “Ombra Melkfett Cream

  1. Linda says:

    i have googled this as my neighbour is 87 and does not have a computer…She used to buy this product in Walmart but cannot find it there anymore and she is wondering where she can get it. We live in the Midland , Ontario area

    • oakvillestorecan says:

      Hi Linda, Sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding this product locally. Unfortunately we only have the item available to sell via our online store and we are not sure of where else you purchase it. Kindest Regards, Mary

    • John... says:

      Just seen this product at Dennigers here in Hamilton Ontario….location is Centennial & Queenston rd..March.6th//2018…hope this helps a bit…Melkfett Cream…

  2. Ivanka z says:

    I like to order the ombra skin creamOmbra Melkfett Cream how much will cost me. I live at a retirement hone at bathurst and centre st

    • oakvillestorecan says:

      Thank you for your comment, Pat. Yes, It is the same texture and color. Many people have tried it and it does the same job.

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