One Minute Manicure is a spa treatment miracle for your hands and feet. It exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes nails and skin leaving your hands feeling baby soft and smooth. Made of all natural ingredients including Dead Sea Salts and natural essential oils that absorb into your skin and last longer. Dab just a drop or two on your hands, rub in circular motion for a minute and rinse off. One Minute Manicure (OMM) is a soft salty granule concoction with an uplifting fresh scent. Use OMM on your feet and elbows, any dry skin areas and notice immediate positive results. Make this exfoliating scrub part of your home mani & pedi routine. It literally takes a minute to apply, so you can use it daily or several times a week for wonderfully softer skin.


One Minute Manicure is a small bottle with simple packaging, packed full of incredible spa quality. Use this deliciously scented beauty scrub treatment on your hands and feet for luxuriously smooth results. Choose the refreshing Original Classic Mint or something fruity and fabulous for Summer like Pomegranate. 3oz/85g flip-top little jar is chocked full of fabulous feel good ingredients to beautifully revitalize and nourish your hands and feet.

OMM was created in the kitchen of a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur who carefully created a winning recipe that worked wonders on her friends. After giving the first batch away as gifts, through word of mouth, reviews spread and demand for this quality product started entering salons in her town and soon word spread across the country and beyond. Now spas and salons feature One Minute Manicure but you can have your own inexpensive spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home.


One Minute Manicure exfoliates, softens and penetrates into your skin giving you lasting benefits. Rinse off OMM formula, and you will feel the noticeable difference in your hands and feet. Especially in Summer sandal weather, you want your feet looking super soft, young and pretty. One Minute Manicure works well on your knees and elbows too, any dry skin areas.

One Minute Manicure is an affordable price for instant spa quality results. A small little jar with a flip top lid makes it an easy beauty product to pack and travel with, take it with you to the cottage, ski resort or beach house. OMM makes a thoughtful gift to give to your girlfriends and they will love the heavenly scent and the noticeable results. Makes a fun little stocking stuffer at Christmas. One Minute Manicure is a little jar of heaven ready to exfoliate, soften and nourish your skin. 85g jar. USA.

• One Minute Manicure is comprised of Dead Sea Mineral Salts and natural essential oils
• Dead Sea Salts are absorbed while soaking, stimulating blood circulation
• Research shows that Dead Sea Salts dramatically reduces wrinkling and makes skin look younger
• Studies show that the high concentration of Magnesium in Dead Sea Salt improves skin hydration
• The benefits of the Dead Sea Salts dates back to the ancient time of the Egyptians
• Unlike many similar type products, One Minute Manicure has no filler ingredients

Depending on your country, you can buy it here:

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Buy One Minute Manicure In USA

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