Lastline Bookmark

What is the Lastline Bookmark?

The Lastline Bookmark smartly leaves readers at their last line by attaching to the outside margin of a page. It actually points to the last line you have just finished reading. The Last Line bookmark attaches to the page with a precise friction fit, without damaging the book’s page.

It is a terrific tool for specifically referencing paragraphs & lines of text by pointing to the last line a reader has read, anywhere on the page. Use multiple bookmarks to highlight important paragraphs while studying.

This product makes a great gift for avid readers, writers and students. Each pack comes with 2 Lastline Bookmarks in two different solid colours.

Never have to worry about where on the page you last left off or having to re-read a paragraph since you can’t remember the last line. This clever little bookmark highlights the line so you can pick up reading right where you left off. The bookmark secures your page in place, hooks right onto the very last line from the page you just read. Unlike other bookmarks, the Lastline bookmark does not fall out or slide around.

The Lastline Bookmark is a compact, efficient and effective bookmark that holds your last line.


Who is it For?

This bookmark is excellent for professors, teachers and students who need quick access to highlight and reference textbooks for class discussions. It is also helpful for your bedtime partner who can drift off to sleep knowing they’ve secured their bookmark at the very last line of their favourite novel. For distracted readers or readers on the go (train, bus, plane) it helps to pinpoint the very last line of their text.

The Lastline Bookmark is the smart little bookworm’s friend. This product makes a thoughtful and helpful gift to anyone who enjoys reading. It also makes a great accessory or add-on gift to accompany a favourite book given to a family member or friend. The Lastline Bookmark is an inexpensive but valuable gift to add inside someone’s stocking at Christmas time. Each package comes with two bookmarks of different colours. And for the voracious reader: splurge and buy them a few packs. They will last a long time and be continually reused.


• Lastline Bookmark smartly leaves readers at their last line by attaching to the outside margin of a page
• Attaches by a precise friction fit, without damaging the book’s page
• Highlights the last line you just finished reading for easy reference
• Lastline Bookmarks make great gifts for your bookworm friends
• Each package contains 2 bookmarks, two different colours
• Helpful reference tool for readers, writers, teachers & students highlighting specific text
• Small compact bookmarks slip into your pocket or purse for easy travel
• Great little gift on its own or with a book; fun stocking stuffer at Christmas
• Does not slip out of your book or move around, secures firmly to your page
• Useful to readers on the go (plane, train, bus or car) who are reading in shorter spurts
• Never have to re-read an entire page again as the Lastline Bookmark secures your last sentence
• Perfect gift for teachers, lecturers & professors – and of course, students!
• Lasts a long time, use & reuse for any book

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