Universal Stone Ingredients: What is Universal Stone Made Of?

We are all aware of the dangers of using cleaning products with harmful chemicals. We are also aware of the dangers of not cleaning your home. When you find a new product like the Universal Stone, you might wonder, what is it made of? Is it safe?

The only way to be sure what you are using is safe for you and your family is to know the ingredients. At the same time, not everyone is a scientist! Luckily, the Switzerland Federal Environment Office tests the Universal Stone. It’s scientifically proven to be biodegradable & non-toxic. It’s also tested to be safe for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Even if you like to do your own research, it only a few only has few ingredients to investigate. Even better, we are here to help! Let’s jump right into the breakdown of the Universal Stone Cleaner ingredients.

Universal Stone Ingredients Breakdown

Soap Flakes

Soap flakes are your good old fashioned pure soap. When we say old fashioned, we mean it – soap was invented in 2800 BC! Pure soap is something to look for in a safe, environmentally friendly cleaner. Vegetable oil and lye are the base ingredients of soap. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. In many cleaners, you will find detergents. These are synthetic chemicals and are NOT guaranteed to be safe for you and the environment. It’s no wonder why pure soap flakes are the building blocks of Universal Stone Cleaner!

Green Soap

When you hear the word “green”, you might think of harsh dyes and unneeded chemicals. Rest assured; the Universal Stone has no harsh ingredients. Green soap’s name comes from it’s green coloring, the natural colour of it’s base, vegetable oil. Green Soap’s ingredients are all-natural. At the same time, it is sought after for its disinfectant properties. In fact, the healthcare industry uses Green Soap to clean up before surgeries! This ingredient is perfect for those who have allergies or skin sensitivities as it is mild. A fun fact about green soap is that tattoo parlours use it clean skin before tattoos and piercings. Green soap is truly natural, effective, and multipurpose.

Vegetable Oils

Not only for making salad dressing. This ingredient goes beyond the kitchen! Vegetable oil’s purpose in cleaning is two-fold. Firstly, it helps to polish and protect. Secondly, it teams up with the other ingredients such as clay to penetrate tough stains. Vegetable oils are be safe to use on the skin. In chemistry, “like dissolves like”. This means that the oil in Universal Stone gives it the power to cut through tough, greasy messes. We love how it cut through our greasy oven mess!


This moisturizing ingredient is a natural solvent. You might recognize this ingredient. You will find it in many household products such as skincare and hair products. Glycerin is a byproduct produced when making soap. This solvent cuts through both organic and inorganic messes. It is non-toxic

Polishing Clay Earth

Clay is a natural yet gentle abrasive. It is very effective at polishing. Since it is so fine, it is great for cleaning glass, metals and jewelry without a scratch or streak. Clay has been used for centuries in the household to clean many surfaces. This is due clay’s power not only as a scrubbing agent, but an absorbent one too! Who needs harmful microbeads when we have clay?!

Perfume Oils

The Universal Stone is made with natural lemon oils. It uses a small amount, so the scent is very minimal! This is what makes the Universal Stone perfect for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. We love the subtle yet uplifting and refreshing scent.

We know that you’re looking for a safe, all-natural cleaner to use around your home. This is the one! The Universal Stone ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic so it can be used on surfaces like floors, walls, windowsills, everywhere in your household. With this product there are no worries of pets or kids getting into contact with harsh chemicals because it contains only natural ingredients. Plus, its powerful cleaning ability gets rid of stubborn dirt without scrubbing too hard on delicate surfaces like granite counters or marble tiles (no more elbow grease!). You won’t find many cleaners out there that work as well as ours – trust us! So what are you waiting for? Buy Universal Stone Cleaner from the Oakville Store today!

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