Blown Glass Red Heart Keepsake is a hanging sun catcher ornament of love, luck and friendship. Exquisite ruby red heart with iridescent shimmer is handmade of blown glass. Hangs beautifully from a long silken cord. Display near a window where the sun catches the light so the hues of the heart can shimmer and glow. Lay your heart as a keepsake on your desk or keep by your bedside as a reminder of someone who loves you. Decorate two hearts in a bowl with petals and stones to create an engaging table centerpiece. Each friendship heart comes with legend card. Measures approx. 5” across. Made in Romania.

Traditionally these colourful balls were made by old world glass blowers at the end of their shift. Handmade art pieces were given to friends & family to hang in windows as a token of friendship, love and luck. Glass Red Heart is a beautiful piece of sentimental art. A special keepsake hanging ornament with a universal message of love & friendship. Will warm the heart of the one you give it to especially when sunlight streams through your window and makes the colours quietly dance. It is then that you are reminded of them most. Measuring approximately 5” across the heart. Each heart comes with hanging ribbon.


A heartfelt gift for any time of year. Makes a lovely Valentine’s gift. Bestow these heart shaped art pieces to your bridesmaids or as party favours. Give them to family, friends or girlfriends on their birthdays. Surprise friends with ruby red hanging hearts at Christmas time so they can hang them on the tree or the front door. Give a heart shaped keepsake to a friend about to travel so they have a reminder of someone they care about while they’re away. Each art piece is unique and crafted by hand, so no two hearts are ever quite alike. The glass hanging heart in stunning ruby red is a symbol of love and friendship in its deepest purest form.

• Stunning ruby red glass heart comes with hanging ribbon
• Friendship Heart is approx. 5” across
• Each glass heart comes with legend card
• Hang near a window so it catches sunlight and displays vibrant hues
• Handmade in Romania
• Glass blown art pieces are made by hand
• Sentimental keepsake gift for any special occasion
• Exquisite craftsmanship makes this a unique gift
• Perfect gift for Valentines Day or Christmas
• Thoughtful gift for party favours or bridesmaids
• Colourful glass balls and hearts are sentimental pieces of art
• Create a table centerpiece of hearts, petals & stones
• Hang them in your garden or outside as a sun catcher
• Symbols of love, friendship and good luck
• Carefully wrapped and packaged for safe shipping
Stunning Red Heart Blown Glass Keepsake – The Oakville Store

Depending on your country, you can purchase by clicking the link below:

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