Skinny Scarf with Beaded Tassels

This season’s must-have fashion accessory! A stunning skinny scarf with beaded tassels has the fashion forward style to take you from day to evening. Wrap it casually around your neck or let it drape on either side of your shoulders. It’s a fun scarf that oozes cool coverage and soft sophistication. Dark silver beaded tassels add just the right amount of flair for nights out on the town.

We opt for the bejeweled skinny scarf in classic black as it’s so versatile when worn with all black sexy attire or jazz up a daytime business suit. Our slim scarf adds unique styling to the simple black dress. How about a long black scarf to offset a hot pink top or a black wrap pairing with polka dots? Black beaded slim scarf adds a touch of drama to a summer fresh white pantsuit with black accessories. We think the black fringe scarf looks absolutely amazing when wrapped like a necklace worn around your neck, cascading ever so slightly as you stroll. Can be worn as a belt as well to nip in a dress and draw attention to your hourglass figure. I think this look is fantastic with just a fitted tank top and skinny jeans, hoop earrings, 5” stilettos and this long beaded scarf thrown over, pure bohemian chic. Don’t forget those oversized sunglasses to finish the look! The best thing about having an easy accessory like this is it takes you from the office to a night out for drinks with just one easy fashionable twist.

Glam skinny scarf with beaded tassels adds the “X” factor to almost any ensemble. It’s not yards of gauzy fabric or a bulky shawl that covers up your figure, the new skinny scarf is the mod girl’s bestie. It’s trendy easy chic. Can be worn in so many ways, let your imagination fly with images of the fashion runway. Made of ultra soft poly fabric with glass adornment, classic black scarf measures 65” long.

We have a limited quantity left on hand, so for a limited time only, we are offering the black scarf accessory with beaded fringe at a steal of a deal. You know what that means right? Yes you have to get one for yourself BUT do not forget your favourite gal pal or sister friend. She wants one too ESPECIALLY because it’s in BLACK and black goes with everything, and it takes the guesswork out of asking what colour would she like? You know I’m right, and at this fantastic price, it’s probably safe to buy a couple or “someone” might accidentally slip away wearing your new BFF.

Depending on your country, you can purchase the Chic Skinny Scarf by clicking one of the links below:

Buy Black Scraf In Canada

Buy Black Scraf In USA

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