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No Crack Hand Cream

No Crack Hand Cream is liquid gold in a jar! Especially effective for healing dry, cracked hands; rough elbows, even callouses on the feet. No Crack Super Hand Cream’s superb penetration and non-greasy texture softens, moisturizes and works wonders for dry skin until the body’s natural oils return. Glides on smoothly to soften and protect […]

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream The amazing benefits of Ombra’s Melkfett Cream comes from its pure high quality calendula extract & Vitamin E. Ombra has a unique formula that creates a protective barrier locking in moisture and preventing dryness of the skin. Your face, hands, feet and body will benefit from the optimum levels of herbal extracts […]

One Minute Manicure

One Minute Manicure is a spa treatment miracle for your hands and feet. It exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes nails and skin leaving your hands feeling baby soft and smooth. Made of all natural ingredients including Dead Sea Salts and natural essential oils that absorb into your skin and last longer. Dab just a drop or […]