Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Headache relief the natural way with this Peppermint cure! Just the size of a chapstick, this handy little stick is easy to keep in your purse or pocket. The moment you feel a headache coming on, gently apply the Peppermint Stick around your temples or forehead. You’ll feel cool tingling relief in minutes, that’s the peppermint oil combined with pure menthol crystals that help to relax the blood vessels in the affected area. This is followed by a sense of relief from the pressure of a headache subsiding or the tension around your neck area easing. Instead of popping another pill which over time can aggravate your body in other ways, try the headache relief balm for a natural easy remedy.


Some people suffer headaches due to stress and tension, or perhaps when you’re under the weather and close to catching a cold; others can feel a headache just by being out in the sun too long or when rainy weather causes changes in the barometric pressure. Bad news or a stressful situation can also give rise to a headache, a noisy restaurant or workplace can create tension, and prolonged work in front of a computer screen can certainly carry tension in the back of the neck for many poor sufferers. Peppermint headache relief Stick is an effective natural remedy for when you need a little relief, quickly. Peppermint oil is powerful when applied directly to the skin, this special formula will work wonders for many headache sufferers. Use the peppermint stick in place of a pill and be kind to your body.

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Peppermint headache relief balm is made with beeswax, sunflower oil, pure menthol crystals, rosemary oil, vitamin E and peppermint oil. Not only does it bring relief to your headaches, but also helps relieve sinus congestion and muscle tension of the neck when applied to the sinus area, temples and back of the neck. Peppermint “headache relief” Stick is great to keep at home, at the office or travel. We recommend the Peppermint Relief Stick as a soothing natural solution to alleviating the first signs of a headache.


  • Peppermint Stick is an easy, effective, natural remedy to relieve headaches
  • Ingredients: Beeswax, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, menthol crystal and Vitamin E
  • Application of peppermint oil has traditionally been used for relieving ailments such as headaches
  • Gentle natural soothing balm to alleviate headaches, sinus congestion and neck muscle tension
  • Apply Peppermint Stick for quick relief around the temples and forehead at first sign of headache
  • Cooling tingling relief occurs in minutes to help relax the blood vessels
  • Size of a lip balm, Peppermint Stick is easy to keep in your purse or pocket
  • Great for travel when a pharmacy might be hard to reach
  • A healthier option to relieve headaches rather than having to take a pill
  • Safe to use during pregnancy
  • People who’ve used the Peppermint Stick swear by it. Really does work!
  • 4.25g / 0.15oz
  • Made in USA

Depending on your country, you can purchase the Peppermint Headache Stick by clicking the link below:

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