Mr Thirsty Water Eater

Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater is the safe, convenient way to keep your home or office drier, warmer, and more energy efficient. This product soaks up and holds over 1000% of its weight in water or water-based liquids. Its standard 36” length offers protection to most windows. Use up to three to protect most sliding glass doors. It’s easy to use, easy to dispose of, and easy to store.

Mr. Thirsty – The Original Water Eater has many uses & benefits:

* Use for leaking basement walls, water heaters, and condensation problems
* Use for leaking washing machines, air conditioners, appliances and drains
* Use for leaking windows, sliding glass doors. Stops water marks, dampness, and drafts
* Use for leaking sliding glass doors, place products end to end to soak up moisture
* Use for bathrooms, place product along bath tub and under sink to absorb water moisture
* Also gets rid of dampness around bowls and behind leaky faucets
* Stops water damage to windowsills, walls, wood floors, and carpet
* Prevents dampness and mildew
* Stops drafts from cracks and poorly sealed doors and windows
* Prevents the danger of slipping from accidental spills & prevents water stains
* Removes the need for unsightly rags, newspapers, buckets & towels requiring messy & frequent clean up

Directions for Use:

Simply remove Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater from the package, and place in contact with trouble areas. This product can be molded to the shape of any surface where it is placed. Since water is locked in, you cannot squeeze the water out. Some swelling will occur when filled to capacity. Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater can be used to absorb oil-based liquids as well as aqueous.


Mr. Thirsty is 36” long, making it easy to use, easy to dispose of, and easy to store. Upon removal from the box, prior to use, simply stretch the product to its full length to evenly distribute the contents within the covering. Mr. Thirsty can be molded to the shape of most surfaces where it is placed. When dried, after saturation, the product will appear stiff and lumpy. This will not affect the absorbing capacity in any way and with light hand pressure, Mr. Thirsty will return to the original granular condition for easy placement around objects or corners.


Easy Disposal:

Mr. Thirsty water eater can be placed in regular trash or burned in a standard wood burning fireplace. The product is Non-Toxic and safe for handling or contact by children or pets.

Product Information:

Mr. Thirsty Water Eater is reusable for many saturations. Just allow natural drying by evaporation either in the place where it was used or move to a location either over a hot air register or sunlight. Do not dry product in ovens or appliances. Mr. Thirsty soaks up and holds over 10 times its weight in water and water based liquids. This amount is in excess of 100 fluid ounces or up to one gallon of liquids. It will return to its original size and capacity through natural evaporation allowing the product to be continuously reused.


Mr. Thirsty will lock in the liquid absorbed and some swelling will occur when filled to capacity but you can not squeeze or wring it out. At such a great price, stock up on Mr. Thirsty and buy a few just to keep on hand. In a leaky situation, Mr Thirsty will save you unnecessary clean up costs, time and energy. Mr Thirsty is your go to friend during leaks, puddles or even flood like situations. The uses in the home, cottage or workplace are endless. Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater can also function as a draft stopper and help reduce your heating and cooling bills.

The Oakville Store is pleased to offer you this amazing water absorbing reusable product tube. Mr. Thirsty is definitely your best bet to use in a leaky crisis.

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