Extending Pocket Back Scratcher

Extending Pocket Back Scratcher

Got an itch on your back, that you just can’t reach? What you need is a telescoping backscratcher to bring on instant relief. What is a backscratcher, you may ask? A backscratcher is a handy telescopic tool used in relieving an itchy back or itchy places on the body that are typically hard to read by hand. Throughout history, various shapes of this back scratching tool have been carved and created for the simple relief of soothing an itchy back.

Extending Pocket Back Scratcher 26 Inches26 Inch Version (Image above is the 20 Inch Version)

Backscratchers were once highly decorated with tassels and beads and presented to Royalty as novelty presents when one wasn’t sure what could possibly be fitting for the common man to bestow upon a King or Queen or members of such high prestige. The backscratcher became an endearing useful tool for everyday simple relief. When you think about it, “scratch my back” is one of those expressions that crosses over all classes and cultures. As we all need to scratch our backs from time to time, whether we do it ourselves or for someone else.

You can find backscratchers made out of any material (wood, plastic, metal) and any price range. We prefer to keep our little back scratcher simple in design, strong in function, cheap in price and definitely a back saving tool that goes a long long way. Perhaps the back scratcher has become the modern day sentiment, the answer to “What do you give the person who has everything?” Why, of course, give them their very own personal little back scratcher. It extends and retracts according to where you need itch-relief the most.

Extending Pocket Back Scratcher 20 Inches

Another interesting tidbit is that historically, a form of the backscratcher was also used by 18th century powdered-haired women in Europe to keep their huge hairstyles perfectly in place, by gentle raking. Today, a backscratcher is generally formed out of a long slender rod-shaped tool, with a grip on one end for holding and a rake-like device, sometimes in the form of a human hand on the other end to perform the actual scratching. Its telescoping ability allows this compact back scratcher tool to easily fit easily inside your shirt pocket so it appears as a pen. Women enjoy having this clever little backscratcher tucked discreetly inside their purse for easy convenience or travel. Our chrome finish metal backscratcher is helpful and easy for seniors to keep near their bedside table for ease of use. My grandmother often likes to give her ankles the occasional scratch too and of course, without the trouble of having to bend to reach down. You can use the back scratcher to scratch your back, your lower legs, back of your head, top of your foot or wherever you may find it hard to reach. The pressure you apply is with your own hand so the scratching from the rake-like tool can be as gentle or strong as you need.

This compact metal backscratcher with a sleek chrome finish is the best tool for the job when an itch needs to be appeased. Back scratcher easily clips into your pocket while disguised as a pen, but when an itch arrives, this telescopic back saver takes on powers of its own. Great for both men and women, from executives to seniors, everyone loves a back scratcher.

A unique and functional gift to give the person who has everything, a fun stocking stuffer, or just the right bedside tool to keep nearby when your back calls out for a good ol’ fashioned scratch. Our safe to use metal backscratcher with handsome chrome finish that extends from about 7 inches to some serious back scratching power!

Depending on your country, you can purchase using one the links below:

Opens 26 Inches Long and 6 Prongs
7″ long when closed but extends to a whopping 26 1/2″ long.

I actually like this better….Extends 20 Inches Long and 5 Prongs
7″ long when closed but extends to 20″ long.

Extends 20 Inches Long and 5 Prongs
7″ long when closed but extends to 20″ long.

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