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Canada Tabletop Electric Plate Warmer

“A primary rule in culinary art is that hot food must be served on hot plates. When food cools off it begins to set. Its appearance becomes less attractive and appealing to the eye and flavor is not accented to its full height.” Ron Kaleniuk, author of the best selling Simply Delicious Cooking Series.

For any fine Canadian home, in preparing and serving any dinner the experience comes down to the details. That one particular spice or that nicely warmed plate. In the past one had to put plates in the oven, not so anymore with this safe and easy plate warming blanket!

The original plate warmer was designed in France is the late 1940’s and manufactured in the United States. To be sold in Canada and fine homes across the world. Plate warmers have improved greatly over the years to come to our model. Certified by Canada Standards, our heated electric plate warming pad is a safe and easy alternative to heating up plates in the oven.

The plate warmer can be used with all fine bone china, patterned, metal based trim, glass and ceramic plates. Our plate warming is gentle enough for even your Royal Doulton fine china! The table top plate warmer will not discolour or crack plates.

Warmed plates can add a warm, elegant touch to a formal dinner parties or a special family meal. The table top heating pad will enhance any warm dinner serving. Keeping your hot foods served hot!

The Tabletop Electric Plate Warmer is a thermostatically controlled electric heating pad that warms up to 15 plates at a time. The Electric Plate warmer warms plates in about 25 minutes and then maintains the temperature at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 degrees Celsius until you are ready to serve.

The table top Electric Dining Plate Warmer is safe enough to sit on your kitchen counter. The Plate Warmer features a protective insulating pad that enables the warming pad to sit on any counter top including the dining room table. The plate warmers stylish cotton stain guarded slipcover removes for easy cleaning if necessary.

The dining table plate warmer makes a great Mother’s Day, Bridle Gift, Wedding Present, Christmas Gift or of course a fine gift for yourself!

Please take the time to glance over our large selection of Fancy Electric Plate Warmer patterns. We have the traditional green and reds all the way to fanciful Golfing themes.

A thermostatically controlled electric heating pad warms plates to a hot and comfortable temperature
* Safely heats fine bone china plates
* The insulated base pad protects all tabletop surfaces
* Warms up to 15 plates
* Includes a stain resistant removable slip cover with Velcro closures
* Fabric 100% cotton
* Zipper bag for easy storage
* Award winning packaging
* Longer and wider with 100% more plate coverage area
* 120 volts, 80 watts
* 5 folds (placements) for heating more plates faster
* 10 year warranty
* Made here in North America

For Buying in Canada:
waterbridge electric plate warmer

For Buying in the USA:
Buy Electric Plate Warmer in USA

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