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Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula

Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula is an amazing specific area medicating cream – contains anti-arthritic and spasm soothing properties pinpoints acute pain and absorbs deeply into your skin delivers speedy comforting of overall muscle soreness, back pain and tendinitis quick pain treatment for arthritis pain, bursitis, stiffness and muscular cramping lower carpal tunnel syndrome pain […]

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Headache relief the natural way with this Peppermint cure! Just the size of a chapstick, this handy little stick is easy to keep in your purse or pocket. The moment you feel a headache coming on, gently apply the Peppermint Stick around your temples or forehead. You’ll feel cool tingling relief in minutes, that’s the […]

No Crack Hand Cream

No Crack Hand Cream is liquid gold in a jar! Especially effective for healing dry, cracked hands; rough elbows, even callouses on the feet. No Crack Super Hand Cream’s superb penetration and non-greasy texture softens, moisturizes and works wonders for dry skin until the body’s natural oils return. Glides on smoothly to soften and protect […]

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream The amazing benefits of Ombra’s Melkfett Cream comes from its pure high quality calendula extract & Vitamin E. Ombra has a unique formula that creates a protective barrier locking in moisture and preventing dryness of the skin. Your face, hands, feet and body will benefit from the optimum levels of herbal extracts […]

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