No Crack Hand Cream

No Crack Hand Cream is liquid gold in a jar! Especially effective for healing dry, cracked hands; rough elbows, even callouses on the feet. No Crack Super Hand Cream’s superb penetration and non-greasy texture softens, moisturizes and works wonders for dry skin until the body’s natural oils return. Glides on smoothly to soften and protect […]

Cooling Bandana

Cool Bandanas is a personal cooling product that will pull the heat out of your system, cool your body off, and make your body and mind work more efficiently….and help keep you cool all day. Great for heat related health problems like M.S., heart problems, and hot flashes Helps reduce Heat Stress in the workplace, […]

Lastline Bookmark

Lastline Bookmark smartly leaves readers at their last line by attaching to the outside margin of a page. It actually points to the last line you have just finished reading. Last Line bookmark attaches to the page with a precise friction fit, without damaging the book’s page. A terrific tool for specifically referencing paragraphs & […]

Napkin Coasters

These clever square coasters, made of clear acrylic have ample room in the middle to place your glass. Designed to hold a standard 5” cocktail napkin to absorb moisture & spills, simply slip the napkin inside. Your coaster won’t lift up off the table when you lift up your glass. A creative way to display […]

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream

Ombra Melkfett Cream The amazing benefits of Ombra’s Melkfett Cream comes from its pure high quality calendula extract & Vitamin E. Ombra has a unique formula that creates a protective barrier locking in moisture and preventing dryness of the skin. Your face, hands, feet and body will benefit from the optimum levels of herbal extracts […]

Water Absorber

Mr Thirsty Water Eater helps prevent water damage by absorbing leaks and cleaning flooded areas quickly. A super absorbent product, Mr Thirsty quickly soaks up over 1000% of its weight in water & water-based liquids, up to one gallon! This flexible durable product is your essential solution for controlling leaking basement walls, water heaters, water […]

One Minute Manicure

One Minute Manicure is a spa treatment miracle for your hands and feet. It exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes nails and skin leaving your hands feeling baby soft and smooth. Made of all natural ingredients including Dead Sea Salts and natural essential oils that absorb into your skin and last longer. Dab just a drop or […]

Electric Plate Warmer

Canada Tabletop Electric Plate Warmer “A primary rule in culinary art is that hot food must be served on hot plates. When food cools off it begins to set. Its appearance becomes less attractive and appealing to the eye and flavor is not accented to its full height.” Ron Kaleniuk, author of the best selling […]