Universal Stone Cleaner

UNIVERSAL STONE CLEANER       Cleans, Polishes and Protects Universal Stone is a non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner for any hard finished surface it is a hard-working and extremely effective product that polishes and protects while it cleans. Made by the Zielinsky family in Germany from all-natural ingredients, it is non-toxic and contains no abrasive acids; […]

Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula

Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula is an amazing specific area medicating cream – contains anti-arthritic and spasm soothing properties pinpoints acute pain and absorbs deeply into your skin delivers speedy comforting of overall muscle soreness, back pain and tendinitis quick pain treatment for arthritis pain, bursitis, stiffness and muscular cramping lower carpal tunnel syndrome pain […]

The Canadian Weather Stick Weatherstick

Have you ever noticed how often the weather forecast turns out to be wrong? Or how the weatherman seems just as surprised by the unexpected rainfall as he predicted sunshine all week? I’ve stopped reading weather forecasts or watching them on the news. I like the old school way of foretelling the weather. How might […]

Bayberry Scented Taper Candles

Williamsburg Bayberry taper candles are a delightful gift to give or receive during the holiday season. As legend shall have it, the burning of bayberry candles during the holiday season brings to the homestead “wealth & good luck.” Early colonists enjoyed the tradition of burning bayberry candles at Christmas and New Years to bring blessings […]

Window Thermometer

This window thermometer is innovative clear, flexible, and virtually transparent thermometer adheres firmly to windows or glass doors using electrostatic technology, no mounting hardware necessary. The windowpane thermometer can be easily removed or repositioned wherever you need it. This thermometer is accurate and virtually transparent, the large easy to read numbers can be seen from […]

Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

Grow Shiitake Mushrooms using this coveted Shiitake mushroom log. It has been revered by the Japanese as a delicacy & medicinally as the elixir-of life. Today, Shitake an expensive epicurean favourite enjoyed world-wide! Simply soak our Oak Grow-Log, stand indoors or out. Your first crop will sprout in 10 days. Lasts up to 5 years. […]

Black Glam Skinny Scarf with Beaded Tassels

Skinny Scarf with Beaded Tassels This season’s must-have fashion accessory! A stunning skinny scarf with beaded tassels has the fashion forward style to take you from day to evening. Wrap it casually around your neck or let it drape on either side of your shoulders. It’s a fun scarf that oozes cool coverage and soft […]

Mr Thirsty Water Eater

Mr. Thirsty The Original Water Eater is the safe, convenient way to keep your home or office drier, warmer, and more energy efficient. This product soaks up and holds over 1000% of its weight in water or water-based liquids. Its standard 36” length offers protection to most windows. Use up to three to protect most […]

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Peppermint Headache Relief Stick

Headache relief the natural way with this Peppermint cure! Just the size of a chapstick, this handy little stick is easy to keep in your purse or pocket. The moment you feel a headache coming on, gently apply the Peppermint Stick around your temples or forehead. You’ll feel cool tingling relief in minutes, that’s the […]